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A Bad Affair

Editor. October 4, 1894. A bad affair. Grant County Tribune and Livestock Journal 6(24): 5.

A very unfortunate affair occurred in Hyannis Monday in which Tom and Bill Stansbie parties of the one part and T.H. Minor of the other figured. It seems bad blood has existed between the parties respectively growing out of the charge by the Stansbies that Mr. Minor butchered a beef belonging to them, a charge which, it is almost unnecessary to state, Mr. Minor emphatically denies. One phrase of the difficulty of the difficulty has led to another until last Monday when the parties named met at the blacksmith shop here. As near as this paper is able to get at the facts of the matter on the day named, as Mr. Minor was going to the blacksmith shop, approaching it on the south side Tom Stansbie came out of the shop and the parties met. The Stansbies assert that Minor had threatened them and expressed the conviction that he could "whip them on half the ground they stood on" or some other very diminutive portion of terra firma. However that may be when the parties met the ball opened and resulted in Mr. Minor being knocked down and receiving a number of bruises. Mr. Minor went into the blacksmith shop, retrieved himself of his overcoat and put himself in preparation for action. About this time Bill Stansbie appeared on the scene and he and Mr. Minor at once proceeded to try conclusions. The result of this part of the program was, that Mr. Minor was knocked down three times in succession and each time pounded terribly, receiving bruises and gashes that gave him the appearance of having come in contact with a special stock train making up lost time. Mr. Minor showed great pluck in that after each encounter he was ready for the next one. Neither of the Stansbies were hurt in the least. the Tribune does not undertake to say which one of the parties began the assault nor which of them is in the right or wrong. Mr. Minor contemplated instituting criminal proceedings against the Stansbies, but left for home without doing to. At best the affair was a most unfortunate if not disgraceful one and it is to be hoped the like of it may not occur again in this vicinity.