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Stansbie Family in the Community News

Quotes from the community news columns of the local newspapers. Typically these are sent in from a post office.

Collins Jim Stansbie and party passed through from Furnas county, en route for their ranch north of town. - June 26, 1890. Grant County Tribune 2(9): 1.
Hyannis Robert Stansbie and wife were in town Monday. - March 12, 1891. Grant County Tribune and Livestock Journal 2(46): 5.
Bingham Jas. Stansbie was a business caller at Bingham the latter part of the week. - February 10, 1898. Grant County Tribune 9(46): 8.

Mother Lake

James Stansbie and Henry Thompson left last Monday a week for Cambridge, Nebr., to be gone about three weeks. - June 5, 1890. Grant County Tribune 2(6): 1.
September 4, 1890 Grant County Tribune
September 11, 1890 Grant County Tribune
October 9, 1890. Grant County Tribune.
Bob Stansbie is building an addition to his residence.
The boys all turned out to help Irwin fight fire Saturday.
Robt. Stansbie and wife and Thomas Stansbie were in Hyannis Sunday.
By Father Time. November 20, 1890. Grant County Tribune.
James Stansbie returned from his trip to Valentine. He reports a hard ride.
James Stansbie refuses to ride the northwest line lately. Get there Jim.
A dance and oyster supper at Bob Stansbie's next Thursday evening, Dec. 9. All are cordially invited. - December 4, 1890. Grant County Tribune 2(32): 1.
April 1, 1897 Grant County Tribune
April 15, 1897 Grant County Tribune
May 13, 1897. Grant County Tribune
John Mason and Tom Stansbie were trading horses, last week.
H. Cline turned his cattle north of Mother Lake for the summer.
It is reported that every one had a good time at the Stansbie dance.
The Stansbie Bros. got their mules home that were at Dr. Plumer's.
July 8, 1897. Grant County Tribune
The Stansbie Bros. are breaking mules and horses this week.
James A. Stansbie and wife were callers at the Diamond Bar ranch, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. L.L. Morrill, Thomas and James Stansbie were at the Bow, last week, proving up on their tree claims. Miss Jane Stansbie accompanied them to the Bow, she and Tom went to Lawsons where they will visit a few days. - June 3, 1897. Grant County Tribune
June 10, 1897. Grant County Tribune
The Stansbie Bros., Morrill, and Baugh expect to round up their cattle and brand the calves, this week.
The Mother Lake ball team went to Hyannis to play ball, Sunday, but the rain broke up the game. The M.L. boys thank the Hyannis boys for the courtesy shown them and they will be present next Sunday if it doesn't rain.
Al Stansbie's arm that was hurt is improving very fast. He will soon be able to fill his place in the ball team.
Stansbie have a new patent on a gate; you can ride up to it and open it without getting off your horses and it will close itself.
There will be a dance at Thomas Stansbie's place Friday night. - June 17, 1897. Grant County Tribune
June 24, 1897 Grant County Tribune
July 1, 1897. Grant County Tribune
Thomas Stansbie was up to the Spring Lake ranch, last week.
I guess Tom Stansbie had better attend to a few of the ball games or he will get out of practice.
July 8, 1897 Grant County Tribune.
May 5, 1898 Grant County Tribune.

Spade Ranch There was a dance last Tuesday night at Mr. Stansby's [Stansbie's]. - February 11, 1898. Gordon Journal 7(14): 2.
Pullman Mr. Comstock and his foreman, Joe Bust, were callers at Mr. Burr's last week. They went into the Stansbie neighborhood endeavoring to find a ranch location, that they may move their stock from Wyoming into the sandhills. - March 3, 1898. Grant County Tribune 9(49): 8.
Spade Ranch Thom Stansby [Stansbie] bought 16 horses of the Spade ranch, branded 4W. - April 1, 1898. Gordon Journal 7(47): 2.