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The Roundup Started

Anonymous. May 26, 1892. The roundup started. Grant County Tribune and Livestock Journal 4(5): 5.

Last Monday, the 23rd, was a gala day in Hyannis. Three outfits met and all morning things were being put in shape. At 1 o'clock everything being ready for the start, the Hyannis Brass Band went to the camp and enlivened the boys with several selections. it was an interesting spectacle. "When the band began to play," about twenty of the boys rode, Indian fashion, around the band, each one trying to ride the fastest and closest, but the band kept "a blowin'." One young man endeavored to do the "cow jumped over the moon" act. He succeeded, or his horse did, as the y.m. went up somewhere in the clouds. That horse was a bucker and was onto his business. They left with colors flying and everybody in good spirits, and confident the roundup will be bloomin' success.

Number One.

Roundup No. 1, under the management of the Association, comprised twelve men with about ninety horses. The mess wagon was filled to overflowing with the best the market affords and is said to be the best equipped outfit ever run in the hills. Fred Stuckney is captain.

Johnny Hunt is night horse wrangler and John Minor does day wrangling.

Landon Reneau is chief cook and boss of the culinary department of No. 1, "The Palmer House."

Bud Moran accompanied No. 1 and is representing the O.H. He rides five good cow-horses.

Jeff. DeFrance represents the Elkhorn Valley ranch and has six of the finest horses in the outfit. He will be one of the start boarders of the Palmer House the entire trip.

John Sheeks, foreman of the Circle ranch, John Bratt, is with the Big One. He will not be afoot as he has a string of ten dandy saddle horses.

Charley Teater is one of the No. 1 riders with a string of nine heavily grained horses. Besides him he reps Forbes, Merriman, and [not legible.]

Allen Light is on the trip looking after Gus Buchfinck's interests as well as his own.

Bill Stansbie is in it with eight good horses. He represents a number of the north ranches.

Al Haney is one of the Palmer's patrons. He reps I. & D.A. Haney and strings six horses.

Ruf Haney is with Captain Stuckey's old-timers. He is looking after everything belonging to G. & R. Haney.

Les Ballenger is P.A. Yeast's representative with the Palmer House. He has a nice string of horses.

Capt. Stuckey put nineteen head of horses to his string.

Joe Atkinson is Capt. Haskell's rep. Joe will be at the front as he has a string of eight good cow-horses.

No. 1's wagon is christened "The Palmer House" after Chicago's palace hostelry.

Number Three and Four.

A number of stockmen from the north fitted up a wagon independent of the Association wagon which is called No. 3; and the Bar 7 and neighbors also came in Sunday night with a complete outfit, which took the title of No. 4. Numbers 3 and 4 consolidated. All three outfits will work practically the same route and territory.

Jim Fimple was chosen foreman of the consolidated. Jim rides a full string -- eight horses.

Jack Collins, old boy, is right in the ranks with five horses that don't know what it is to be behind.

Jim Mohahan reps "Dad" Abbott and has six horses at his disposal.

Ben Smith has a full string of horses.

Arthur Abbott went to look up his interests with a seven string.

Joe Medearis will be among he ones that get there with his string of five.

Mr. Mahoney enlisted to the awing around the circle with nine good steeds.

Thos. Loomis is wrangling horses for the consolidated at night.

Albert Gustafson looks after the horses of the con. during the day.

Messrs. Curtis and L.B. Weaver do the culinary work of 3 and 4.

George Evert represents James Ferrell. He has a four string.

Jim Westover entered with six horses.

E.E. Woodruff, Billy and John Mason of the Mother Lake country are looking for all critters of their brands that did not stay at home.

John McCawley is gathering his strays and assisting the consolidated.

The whole outfit numbers about thirty men and over 200 horses.