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Located in the Western part of the Nebraska Sandhills the JHL Ranch was originally settled by Stansbie family in the 1880s. They were later joined by the Engel family.

The JHL brand was legally registered on the JHL in Nebraska in 1920. As brands go it is a good one, meaning that 1) it can be applied with a single-iron (efficient) and 2) it crosses the hair and hide in different directions thus providing easy ownership identification; it’s original (especially in the days of open range) and continuing purpose.

The first Europeans to venture into this area were ranchers followed by those interested in tilling the soil. What with the Kincaid, Tree Claim, Homesteaders and other Federal acts the soil tillers were eager to stake “free” claims in the “new” area. Unfortunately the fragile sand was less than ideal for the row crops and trees these acts required for ownership. This is still true today as you can yet see where the sod was turned to establish claims now decades ago. Because of the potential fragility of the soil and plant life the sandhills provide an ideal setting for the grazing of livestock.

What came - and has lasted - was what fit with the ecosystem - cattle and a hardy people.

The family that ranches the JHL is one of those who came and found a good fit. A cattle family established in the Sandhills over 100 years ago. These 100+ years have resulted in cattle today bred to be a compliment to the environment and to your table.

Soli Deo Gloria